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Easy pick-ups for homeowners and DIYers.

AS THE GO-TO SOD SUPPLIER IN THE GREATER TORONTO AREA, we thought it only fair we offer our customers - you - a place where you can pick up your own sod and landscaping materials from your trusted neighbourhood sod supplier - us!

Our Landscaping Supply Centre opened in 2001 and can easily be found on Leslie Street in Queensville, just minutes north of Newmarket (21468 Leslie Street). The Supply Centre offers everything you need to prepare, install and maintain a beautiful and lush lawn of your own, just like a professional sod supplier.

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At our Landscaping Supply Centre, you will find:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass Nursery Sod
  • Mulch - Black, Brown & Natural
  • Topsoil - Topsoil and Premium Garden
  • Stone - River Rock, Peastone
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed
  • Sand
  • Gravel - ¾ Crushed Limestone, ¾ clear Limestone and Limestone Screening

Quick and Convenient

Our landscaping supply centre is perfect for the DIYer or truck owner who is able to pick up their own products and use their own vehicle. We welcome anyone and everyone to the Supply Centre (whether you have a truck or not); it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the process of sodding your lawn, learn more from our experts about the products we offer and choose what you want to buy. We can then deliver any products that you want for you! 

And guess what?

With more than 85 years as professional sod suppliers, if you want to skip the whole DIY thing and spend more time on the golf course or at the cottage this summer, we can install it for you too!

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