Queensville Sod is a local sodding company that has been servicing the Uxbridge area for over 65 years. We specialize in growing our own premium sod on our farm and laying down the sod to complete our one stop shop sodding service.

Whether you need have a new home that requires a new lawn or have a commercial property that requires a new green appearance, our team is here to help.


Our Sodding and Lawn Replacement Services in Uxbridge

The Uxbridge sodding rolls we supply are just what you need to revive your current lawn or transform your entire green space altogether. What sets us apart from competing sod companies is we grow our own premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod right here on our farm.

We prepare, deliver, and install all our landscaping products ourselves available for residential and commercial properties.

Residential Sodding Uxbridge

Professional Sodding

Queensville Sod is a one-stop shop for homeowners wanting an instant green lawn. We offer more than just sod installation. When you need a team who prioritizes care and service for your sod installation, you can count on us.

Before we start, we conduct an on-site assessment of your current lawn to determine the next best steps, if you need minor grading fixes, turf removal, weed control and more.

Commercial Sodding Uxbridge

Site Preparation

For business owners looking to improve the state of their lawn, we have a wide variety of landscaping products to choose from offered at competitive wholesale prices.

We also have various Uxbridge commercial sod services available, that of which include hydroseeding, sod installation, and site preparation. The extent of our site preparation depends on your ground’s conditions but can involve grade fixes, tilling, and various soil amendments.

Uxbridge Hydroseeding


For larger greens spaces such as golf courses, sports arenas, parks and more, we provide hydroseeding services to create vibrant lawns in a short amount of time.

When we begin the process of Uxbridge hydroseeding, we will use our advanced machinery to combine and distribute a mixture of water, mulch, seed, and fertilizer onto the prepared ground.

Premium Sodding in Uxbridge

Site Preparation

At Queensville Sod, we're all about enhancing your outdoor space with premium sodding delivery and installation. Our service includes ground preparation, getting rid of the old grass, and installing our Kentucky Bluegrass Uxbridge sod supply.

We ensure every step is carefully managed plus our team will provide additional maintenance care tips to ensure your sod continues looking green throughout the year.

Why Choose Queensville Sod for Your Lawn Replacement


Instantly transform your lawn into a thriving, green landscape when you choose Queensville Sod’s lawn replacement services in Uxbridge. We guarantee we will bring your home the healthiest, most vibrant lawn in the area.

Our Uxbridge sod installation will provide you with:

  • Erosion Control
  • Weed Resistance
  • Durable and Low Maintenance Lawn
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Enhanced Property Value

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation Uxbridge

Site Preparation

The best time for Uxbridge sod installation is just before summer, ideally from May to June, or from September to early October.

The climate in these months can aid the new grass roots to settle effectively because it’s a sound combination of warm soil and adequate moisture levels.

Get the Best Fresh Sod Near You!

We grow and supply the best Uxbridge sodding landscaping products from our home-run farm in Queensville and offer residential and commercial sodding services at your convenience. Contact us today to have freshly harvested sod delivered and installed.

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