Queensville Sod is a family-run business that has been growing and installing sod for over 65 years.

We have high-quality grass sod rolls for Kettleby residents and commercial properties to turn old, brown grass into vibrant, green lawns.

Discover how you can enhance your property without having to wait for grass to grow - we do that for you!


Our Sodding and Lawn Replacement Services in Kettleby

Successful lawn installation in Kettleby starts with the best sod. The premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod we use is fresh as it comes from our own farm.

Quality is also a priority when it comes to the landscaping products and services we offer to prepare your ground and install the sod for our residential and commercial customers.

Residential Sodding Kettleby

Professional Sodding

Queensville Sod specializes in delivering and installing sodding in Kettleby. Whether you have a large or small yard, our team is here to assist you in achieving the vibrant, green lawn for your house. Our goal is to provide homeowners stunning front and backyards and part of our services include: 

  • Current Lawn assessment
  • Removing existing lawn
  • Fix minor grading issues
  • Prepare the ground with premium topsoil enhancements
  • Arranging delivery and installation of sod rolls

    Whether you want to go full DIY or you'd rather have our professionals handle it, we’ll cater to you. Our products are also available online or can be picked up from our center.

Commercial Sodding Kettleby

Site Preparation

When it comes to enhancing your commercial property, you can count on the team of Queensville Sod. We specialize in creating vibrant, green lawns in large spaces from sports fields, parks, roadsides and more! Our tailored sodding solutions include:

  • Site preparation including tilling and grade leveling
  • Enhancing top soil
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Watering lawn

Hydroseeding Kettleby


Some areas may need more land preparation before planting a lawn because the terrain is difficult or the area has been without vegetation for some time. This is where hydroseeding can be beneficial.

The process involves combining grass seed, water, mulch, and fertilizer and then spreading the mixture onto prepared ground using a specialized machine.

Why Choose Queensville Sod for Your Lawn Replacement?

Site Preparation

When you opt for Queensville Sod, you can be sure that you’ll have the best sod for your lawn replacement in Kettleby. Our fresh sod is delivered straight from our farm to your Kettleby property.

We also give you the flexibility in terms of your involvement when it comes to the installation, and as a customer-focused company, we give you tailored and convenient options that best suit your needs. Creating beautiful lawns is our passion and we are driven to give you our very best.

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation in Kettleby

For best results, sodding in Kettleby should be done in early to mid-fall or spring. The cooler weather and rainfall in the fall are ideal for the grass while also giving it a chance to firmly root before winter.

Spring often seems like a natural choice because it can easily coordinate with other landscaping projects you have going on at that time.

Get Premium Sodding in Kettleby

Lawn installation for Kettleby homeowners and businesses is a straightforward process with Queensville Sod. We are proud to bring you the freshest sod supply in Kettleby are dedicated to creating quality lawn health.

Contact the Queensville Sod for your professional sodding installation for your home or business today!

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