Homeowners, businesses, and contractors can trust Queensville Sod as the premier sod installation company in Georgina.

With nearly seven decades of experience, we have mastered sod production and installation.

When you need to enhance your residential or commercial property, you can depend on our Georgina instant lawn replacement services.


Our Sodding and Lawn Replacement Services in Georgina

By locally growing sod on our family-run farm, we’re able to deliver high-quality Georgina sod installed by our professional landscapers.

Unlike other sodding companies that focus solely on sod installation and maintenance, our process begins in our sod farm where our premium Kentucky Bluegrass is grown specifically for the benefit of our residential and commercial clients.

Residential Sodding Georgina

Professional Sodding

We know by using the best sodding  products we have available; we can turn your home lawn into the most aesthetically pleasing green space in your entire neighbourhood.

To determine the unique needs of your yard, we first conduct a lawn assessment and as part of our complete Georgian residential sod services, we also offer site preparation and turf removal.

Commercial Sodding Georgina

Site Preparation

Our Georgina commercial sod services include our expert team preparing your site, and then delivering and installing our premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod.

From parks, golf courses and other green spaces, you can count on Queensville Sod to perfectly install grass sod rolls that will surely add value to your business.

Georgina Hydroseeding


Our hydroseeding services allow us to take large areas such as a sports field or a golf course and promote the establishment of a healthy lawn.

This planting process involves us blending mulch, water, seed, and fertilizer, to then spread the mixture over prepared ground using our specialized machinery. This creates a layer of nutrient-rich mulch that provides moisture, prevents erosion, and supports seed growth.

Premium Sodding in Georgina

Site Preparation

At Queensville Sod, we use our premium Georgina sodding landscaping materials combined with our decades of experience to expertly install sod for your lawn. Our service includes ground preparation, old grass removal, and laying down fresh Kentucky Bluegrass sod.

Our team is also here to offer guidance and maintenance tips on how to take care of your sod beyond the date of installation.

Why Choose Queensville Sod for Your Lawn Replacement


For immediate results of a luscious looking, green lawn, choose us here at Queensville Sod. The Georgina sod supply we grow, delivery, and install has many benefits including controlling erosion, resisting weeds, establishing roots quickly, and creating a durable, low-maintenance lawn.

Our lawn transformations create an attractive outdoor area that enhances your property's visual appeal and functionality.

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation Georgina

Site Preparation

The best time for Georgina sod installation is when the months are not too hot, and you have access to an adequate supply of water. From September to early October and from late May to June are the two most ideal time periods to make this happen.

These months provide the right mix of enough moisture and warm soil to help the new grass settle in well.

Get the Best Fresh Sod Near You!

Queensville Sod makes growing healthy lawns from sod easy for home and business owners alike. We offer a customized approach for all your lawn replacement needs. For Georgina instant lawn replacement of your residential or commercial property, contact our sodding team today!

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