Queensville Sod is a local, family run sodding company servicing Mt. Albert for over 65 years.

By locally growing, supplying, and installing all our own sodding landscaping products, you can trust our team to deliver and install the best sodding near you.

We can transform any brown lawn into a lawn full of vibrant greenery.


Our Sodding and Lawn Replacement Services in Mt. Albert

We grow and harvest our Kentucky Bluegrass sod on our family-run farm in Queensville. We then bring our team of professionals to prepare your site, deliver the grass, and begin Mt. Albert lawn installation.

We offer commercial sodding services which include hydroseeding and competitive wholesale pricing. In addition, we prepare and lay our premium sod as part of our residential sodding services.

Residential Sodding Mt. Albert

Professional Sodding

At Queensville Sod Farms, we love helping homeowners attain a perfectly curated lush, healthy-looking lawn.

Our Mt. Albert residential sod services includes the following services:

  • Removing and disposing of your current lawn soil
  • Fixing minor grading issues
  • Preparing your ground with premium topsoil enhancements
  • Supplying and installing premium screened topsoil
  • Arranging the delivery of all products and sod

Commercial Sodding Mt. Albert

Site Preparation

The Mt. Albert commercial sod services we offer include site preparation, delivery, hydroseeding, and professional installation. Our beautiful and lush Kentucky Bluegrass seed can be applied to your commercial or industrial property, a sports field or park, roadside, or your lawn.

Based on the condition and status of the ground, our site preparation service can include grade fixes, tilling, and various soil amendments.

Mt. Albert Hydroseeding


Our expert hydroseeding services are perfect if you want to quickly add a fresh new lawn to a large stretch of land such as a golf course or sports field.

Our process uses technologically-sound machinery to combine water, seed, fertilizer, and mulch to then distribute the mixture onto the prepared ground. This mix protects the seeds from dehydration and the soil from eroding.

Premium Sodding in Mt. Albert

Site Preparation

At Queensville Sod, we offer top-quality sod delivery and setup to enhance your outdoor area. We handle every stage of Mt. Albert sod installation with care and attention.

Our team ensures each step is handled with precision and care plus, we can offer maintenance care tips with you so you can help keep your sod stay vibrant all year round.

Why Choose Queensville Sod for Your Lawn Replacement


Selecting Queensville Sod means your home or commercial property can receive a fast and beautiful lawn transformation. Our Mt. Albert lawn installation service offers benefits such as weed prevention, improved air quality, erosion control, and more!

Our commitment to delivering high-quality landscaping materials and excellent customer service shows in the outstanding results we’re able to achieve.

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation Mt. Albert

Site Preparation

The best time for sod installation in Mt. Albert is sometime during May and June or from September to early October.

During this time of year, the ground has enough warmth and moisture to help the new sod rolls establish healthy grass roots and these months are not too hot yet either.

Get the Best Fresh Sod Near You!

We provide exceptional residential and commercial sodding services with high-quality Mt. Albert sodding landscaping materials sourced directly from our family-owned farm. Transform your existing green space or bring a new lawn to life by contacting us today.

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