Considering lawn installation in Nobleton? Look no further than Queensville Sod. We have been delivering and installing sod for over 65 years.

In addition to providing the best service, transforming your lawn into a vibrant, healthy one is our top concern. That’s why we only install the freshest sod that we grow.


Our Sodding and Lawn Replacement Services in Nobleton

Our grass sod rolls in Nobleton are top quality. Unlike other companies that just deliver and install the sod, we harvest the premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod from our very own farm.

Our wide range of landscaping products are tailored for both residential and commercial customers. Our handy team also offers various services to prepare your ground and professionally install the sod.

Residential Sodding Nobleton

Professional Sodding

Some homeowners are confident in their ability to install their lawn, while others would rather have it done by professionals. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, we have products and services available for you. You can get our products online and have them delivered or pick them up at our center. We are also available for sodding in Nobleton which includes:

  • On-site lawn assessment
  • Minor ground fixes
  • Ground preparation with premium topsoil
  • Turf removal
  • Full sod installation

Commercial Sodding Nobleton

Site Preparation

Our sod for sale in Nobleton is available wholesale to our business partners. In addition, we sell other landscaping products, namely grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, soil, sand, gravel, and other stone products. When it comes to landscaping services for our commercial customers, we offer:

  • Site preparation
  • Ground tilling
  • Minor grade fixes
  • Soil amendments
  • Sod installation

Hydroseeding Nobleton


If you have an area of land that needs lawn added to it but has been dormant for an extended period or has uneven terrain, hydroseeding is a good option to consider.

The process uses a machine to mix and distribute grass seed, water, mulch, and fertilizer onto prepared ground to control erosion and keep the seeds hydrated.

Why Choose Queensville Sod for Your Lawn Replacement?

Site Preparation

Opting for our sod is choosing quality. You can be sure that you're getting the freshest sod because it is grown on our own farm. We are your perfect partner to give you a beautiful lawn and specialize in lawn replacement in Nobleton.

Whether you're going DIY or hands-off, we give you the flexibility you need in picking your supplies and handling your installation or letting us install your lawn for you. We also pay attention to soil quality and can address imbalances through soil amendments.

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation in Nobleton

The beauty of sod is that it can be laid anytime other than winter. Our recommendation, though, is that you pick either early to mid-fall or spring to do so.

This window works best because the temperatures have cooled and there's more precipitation, so the grass doesn't wilt as easily. It also gives the grass enough time to establish itself before winter. Many people also like to install their sod in spring because they can coordinate it with other landscaping projects.

Get the Best Fresh Sod Near You!

Having an instant lawn in Nobleton is simple with Queensville Sod. Not only do we sell sod, we also have other landscaping products such as grass seed, fertilizer, soil, sand, mulch, gravel, and other stone products, and offer a variety of landscaping services for both residential and commercial customers. Get in touch with our team to schedule your sod installation.

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