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Natural Mulch 20L Bag - Pick-Up Only

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Delivery Info: We only offer delivery on Sod Rolls (over 40) and Cubic Yard Bags. Everything else is pick-up only.

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20L Bag

This product is available for pick-up only.

Our Natural Mulch is made from a mix of  cedar, pine, and hardwoods.  Natural mulch can help to conserve soil moisture, as it acts as a protective layer that helps to reduce water loss due to evaporation. It can also help to regulate soil temperature, keeping the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition, wood mulch can help to suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight from reaching weed seeds, as well as by physically inhibiting weed growth.

Wood mulch can also provide aesthetic benefits, as it can give a landscaped area a finished look and can help to define the shape of garden beds or other planting areas. It can also provide a natural look and feel that blends well with surrounding trees and other vegetation.


Weed Control

One of the best things about mulch is it saves you a bunch of work! A three inch layer of mulch on your garden will prevent weeds from growing in your garden. This will save you a bunch of time over the course of a growing season. You may still get a few weeds coming through but it will prevent the majority of them.

Temperature Regulation

  • Mulch will insulate your plants to keep the soil temperature more consistent through the growing season. It will keep the roots warmer during the cold month and cooler during the hot months of the year.

Water retention

  • A mulched garden will require less frequent waterings making your garden much more efficient!


  • Natural mulch makes your plants stand out. The colour contrast between the black mulch and your lawn and plants will make your property look amazing.

Other benefits:

  • The mulch will decompose adding natural compost to your garden and feed your plants.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
    Natural Mulch 20L Bag - Pick-Up Only

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    We had a pleasant experience with Cam and his team. We were looking to place sod in our backyard and Cam arrived quickly to give us a quote. His team arrived punctually on the day of and was efficient. After they finished, they took the time to answer any questions about maintenance. We’re extremely happy with their work and would recommend anyone looking for sod to reach out to them!

    Cedric Q (Source: Google)

    Completing a D.I.Y project at home and finishing it up with some fresh sod. I came and picked up 60 rolls of sod at Queensville sods main retail yard. Everything was very organized and a very smooth process. Went home laid the sod that day, 4 months later and I am very happy with the quality of sod I picked up. Thanks very much Queensville for the quality product!! Highly recommend

    Tanner Forsyth (Source: Google)

    The sod itself is beautiful and the installation was done professionally and to our complete satisfaction. Cam, Frank, Jude and the team did an amazing job. The team went above and beyond to properly grade the lawn for proper drainage. Queensville sod has an excellent team…. Highly recommend them.. Thanks

    Tarique Kaleem (Source: Google)

    I’ve dealt with Queensville Sod multiple times over the years and everyone from the office staff, the drivers and owners have been amazing to deal with! They’re professional, friendly and always very helpful. They have excellent quality sod. Don’t see a need to go anywhere else… their prices are the best. Highly recommend them!

    Elva Yayros (Source: Google)

    I just want to thank the Team that put together a last minute sod installation and Mulch Job before a big surprise party for my Wife this weekend!

    I called 2 other places one wouldn't come to quote for weeks and the other’s price was outrageous and i would have to lay the sod myself.... Very professional company and a pleasure to deal with! The grass was definitely Greener with these guys! Thanks Again!

    William Scott (Source: Google)