Best Sod Supplier in Ontario Quality and Reliability

Best Sod Supplier in Ontario Quality and Reliability

Every part of your home deserves the highest quality of care and products. That extends outside the house to the lawn you so diligently mow, water, and fertilize. You expect and deserve that quality, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to being the best sod supplier in Ontario. We’ll explain our dedication to quality sod and customer convenience, how we accomplish that, and why we grow Kentucky bluegrass sod to provide the finest product.

The Queensville Sod Commitment

Our commitment to growing the best sod has deep roots. For over 65 years and multiple family generations, we’ve been dedicated to the sod and landscaping industry. That commitment has meant growing and supplying excellent sod with the finest equipment on our farm just outside Newmarket. However, our love for grass and lawns goes beyond just the initial installation, which is why we supply excellent lawn care products and landscaping materials so that our clients can keep their lawns pristine. That includes high quality fertilizers, mulch, soil, and aggregate for both residential and commercial properties.

Convenience and Speed

Our dedication is also to our customers and why we believe Queensville Sod is the king of sod in southern Ontario. Along with quality products, we aim for convenient service that matches your exact needs, whether you’re a commercial property who needs a full multi-acre installation or a residential DIY landscaper looking for some quality rolls and fertilizer. That convenience means efficient delivery of fresh sod to your doorstep, quick quotes, as well as an online calculator to help you determine exactly how many rolls of sod you need. To further assist our customers, we also provide regular blogs and articles for all your landscaping needs.

The Best Equipment for Sod and Your Lawn

Our passion for sod and our customers means we don’t just sit and watch the grass grow. We are always looking for new innovations and ways to improve our Kentucky bluegrass sod, its delivery, and its installation along with all our other products. As part of our dedication, we continue to modernize and always ensure we have the top-of-the-line equipment. That commitment to innovation ensures we grow and harvest the finest rolls of Kentucky bluegrass sod and that we deliver and install it on your property as efficiently as possible.

Why We Grow Kentucky Bluegrass

We grow Kentucky bluegrass sod as part of our dedication and commitment to supplying a great product at the highest industry standards. There are a few reasons why Kentucky bluegrass is the best species of sod for accomplishing that. Along with its beautiful and vivid emerald green, it is the hardiest grass grown in Ontario and perfectly suited to our typical weather conditions. It can thrive in full sun and mild shade, tolerate the summer humidity, and endure the frigid colds of winter. Those qualities have made it the leading sod choice for parks, golf courses, and homes throughout the province and around the GTA.

Kentucky Bluegrass’s Resilience

Kentucky bluegrass is more than just beautiful and able to endure and thrive in Ontario’s weather. Its overall resilience also makes it a great choice for easy maintenance. If its soil is regularly fertilized and the soil kept healthy, Kentucky bluegrass has dense growth. This has the benefits of a more attractive green lawn while also allowing the grass to better compete with weeds. Some dandelions can still sneak in, but Kentucky bluegrass makes those few yellow flowers struggle for it. At Queensville Sod, we only select cultivars with proven resilience, to further improve the quality and strength of the sod rolls we provide and install.

Keeping the Grass Greener on Your Side

You should now have a better understanding of why we think we’re the best sod supplier in Ontario. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with quality landscaping products and reliable service for nearly seven decades. That dedication means we don’t rest on our laurels or lawns. We are always striving to modernize and expand our services, ensuring we can offer the best because it is what every property and client deserves. If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us.