Queensville Sod’s Guide to Easy Garden Maintenance

Queensville Sod’s Guide to Easy Garden Maintenance

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful, well-maintained garden? A garden free of weeds, every plant blossoming, and each shrub trimmed to the perfect length is something sublime. It’s a space where you want to spend every sunny day with family, friends, or a good book. Those gardens represent the dedication and care of a diligent gardener. That care can also be hard work, but there are ways to reduce that workload and still have a beautiful garden. Queensville Sod will give you some secrets for easy garden maintenance that will leave everyone impressed with your green thumbs.

Mulch and Gravel Prevent Weeds and Reduce Watering Needs

The most persistent maintenance tasks for every garden are watering and weeding. Your plants need continuous water, and you need to keep defending their home from pernicious invaders. Laying mulch or stone around your plants will immediately reduce the need for both. These block direct sunlight from hitting the garden’s soil. This prevents weeds from sprouting, while also helping the soil retain more moisture. Some weeds will still inevitably peak through, and your plants will still need water. However, the maintenance in both will be noticeably less. Plus, with different colours of mulch and kinds of stone or gravel, you can make your garden even more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in mulch or rock for your garden, be sure to contact us.

Smaller Plots Make for Easy Garden Maintenance

Another tactic for easy garden maintenance is to reduce the size of each plot. Rather than one, single large garden. Separate them into smaller, separated plots. This helps prevent weeds from spreading, reduces the need for widespread watering, and restrains certain plants’ growth, meaning less trimming. Alternatives to smaller ground plots are pots and raised beds. These have the same effect as smaller plots for reducing maintenance and allow you to add a garden space on decks or other surfaces where there is no soil. They’re also perfect for those with difficulty bending to the ground since they are raised up at a higher level.

Hardy Plants are the Best for Easy Garden Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons for the phrase “delicate flower”. Many of the most beautiful plants in the world are also fragile and require a lot of maintenance. However, there are also a lot of gorgeous plants that can endure Ontario weather. Planting these in your garden will make maintaining your garden significantly easier.

If you’re looking for other, low-maintenance plants, consider perennials over annuals. As their name suggests, annuals survive one season and die. This means you will need to replant new ones the following year. Perennials continue to live throughout the years, making for easy maintenance. Shrubs are a great choice, and evergreen varieties will stay luscious year-round. Similarly, spring- and fall-blooming bulbs, such as tulips and crocuses, won’t require annual replanting. Their bulbs are hardy enough to endure frozen soil and will continue to pop up for 5 years before needing replanting. 


An Edge on Your Lawn

As you might expect, we’re big fans of lawns and a well-maintained lawn. We also understand that you want the grass to stay in its place outside of your garden. Naturally, the grass will try to spread into any adjoining garden. That rich garden soil just calls to it. You will regularly need to remove the grass. For easy garden maintenance, give your garden an edge that prevents contact with your lawn. This can be a metal edging or something that looks more natural, like a rock line. The grass won’t be able to spread and grow through or under this barrier and will leave your garden plants the space they deserve. That same barrier will also protect your lawn from any aggressive weeds or spreading plants in your garden.

Going Natural

Following any one or all these tips will provide you with easy garden maintenance. Our final tip is to let your garden go a little natural. That immaculate, weedless garden with each plant in its proper spot and every branch pruned to perfection is a wondrous masterpiece. Besides, gardens are also natural spaces, and nature leaves room for little imperfections. So, you can embrace some of those weeds or extensive growth as part of your garden’s natural “character”.

Just be sure you don’t let it get out of hand. Otherwise, you’ll soon you’ll yourself with a much bigger maintenance project. For now, we certainly recommend starting with mulch or stone. This solution is an easy garden maintenance solution for any garden. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.