Restore Your Lawn with Our New Topdressing Kit

Restore Your Lawn with Our New Topdressing Kit

We at Queensville Sod are excited to announce and feature a new product in our shop: the Lawn Topdressing Kit! This kit is perfect for top dressing your lawn. It includes one cubic yard bag of premium garden soil and one bag of high-quality Campus Green grass seed for only $245 + HST. That’s a 10% savings from if you bought each item individually! If you are wondering what top dressing is or how it can benefit your lawn, we’ll explain why this kit might just be what your lawn needs.

What is top dressing? 

Top dressing is an essential maintenance technique and an excellent way to reinvigorate and restore your current lawn. It involves spreading a thin layer of premium soil over your existing lawn. The soil layer is thin enough so that the existing grass can quickly grow through, so it should not be more than 1 cm. At that thickness, the cubic yard bag of soil will cover an area of approximately 1200 ft2. After spreading the soil, the Campus Green seed is then scattered in areas where the grass has thinned or is missing, so that it can return thick and lush. As a result, the simple process of top dressing revives your lawn and provides it with numerous benefits.

The Benefits of Top Dressing

Top dressing is a simple process that fully reinvigorates your lawn. It also provides other benefits to make your front and backyard pristine again.

Restores and Improves Soil Health

By adding a thin layer of premium soil to your lawn, you are adding valuable nutrients to your soil that will nourish your lawn. It can also help with your water’s moisture levels. Much of Ontario's soil contains clay, so adding soil will help your lawn’s drainage. If your soil is sandier, the soil will have the opposite effect, helping your lawn retain a healthy amount of water.

Level Your Lawn

Spreading soil can also help remove uneven areas in your lawn to level it out. Prior to top dressing, you can dig out large bumps. Then, while top dressing, you can spread soil thinner in raised areas and slightly thicker in divots or holes to smooth out your lawn. Be sure to lay the Campus Green seed in the bumps you dug out.

A Yard Like New

By reinvigorating your lawn with a fresh layer of premium soil you can then scatter seed in areas where the grass has become thin or disappeared. The new soil also helps the existing grass spread and germinate. Soon after a top dressing, you’ll have a lawn that will be lush, thick, and just like new.

A Maintenance Essential

The topdressing kit provides you with everything you need to maintain your lawn and restore it to that original green sheen. It’s best to top dress at least once a year, and now is a great time to do it. Come into our store or contact us today if you have more questions about top dressing or this fantastic kit.